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Mhuit Company deals with wholesale deliveries of high quality materials under the house brand   on the European market.

Expertise. Innovation.  Availability.

These are the words most commonly used in our everyday intercourse; these are the standards we set for ourselves, our colleagues and partners.

Our longstanding experience in material distribution targeted at various industry spheres allows us to choose manufacturers and bare personal responsibility for the  quality by producing materials under the house trade mark and monitoring quality control.

Mhuit Company aims at cooperation with wholesale consumers of materials. We offer collaboration to producers, material distributors and construction companies that deal with aluminum composite panels and translucent roofing.


Modern requirements to energy saving, energy efficiency and exterior of newly constructed buildings resulted in origination of contemporary approach to façade cladding – ventilated facades made of “M-Bond” alumunium composite panels. Such constructions have a wide field of application – construction and reconstruction of domestic, administrative and sports building as well as public and industrial facilities.

Daylight has a great impact on our living and work conditions. The fact natural illumination positively affects our everyday life is undoubtful that is why applying light constructions in architecture is becoming more and more important. In respect to human vision natural light has the best spectral structure which makes it to be the most suitable for a human being. It influences the human psyche and work physiology favourably.

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